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Oh my god it's amazing
fursuit, ocean wolf
My mom just dropped off a bunch of stuff she cleaned out of my great-aunt's house for me. I got a bike (which I am so happy about!) but it needs to have all its rubber parts replaced. But anyway...

This was also in there.


I think I'll turn it into a Cheshire cat, and sew the face onto a different shirt, eventually.

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UHM, DO YOU STILL HAVE THAT SWEATER. because I would legit buy it from you LMAO. IT'S AMAZING

LULZ. I do, actually. It's sitting at the bottom of my closet, unaltered and unloved. If you actually want it, I'll give it to you when we meet up! Honestly it would be a weight off me to have that thing dealt with.

dude seriously? that'd be so FREAKIN ACE, THANK YOU SO MUCH haha. this sweater is so majestic!

Haha, it'd go great with your cat suit.

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