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Howloween 2013... plus general updates
fursuit, ocean wolf
SO I FIGURED there really ought to be a place I can put my thoughts, updates, etc. since I've joined the Vancouver furry community. In that regard I've decided to unearth my Livejournal and use it for its intended purpose (for once).

This is Kai speaking! Coastal grey wolf, moved to Vancouver in August.
My username here is old, but maybe you can tell from the icon. Maybe not. I'm still new around here. I'll be changing the username eventually, but not until I've got nothing better to spend the $15 on :P


Was actually my first furry con. Although I know it's not TECHNICALLY a convention, as nobody calls it that. But it's held in a hotel so my brain classifies it as a con. I had a great time there, and it's really making me look forward to VancouFur 2014 since it's hosted in the same hotel (pool and hot tub, here I come) :D

I met a bunch of furs there I had only known a little so far (Kuviare, Ja'Nathun, Kowoto, Bloopy, Jack, Temrin)
As well as chatting with some totally new to me (Haley, Errol and Keianna, Essh, Arrea, Sniffum, Choco, Marfles, Duffy, Daiten Puma, Selkit, Loial)
Meeting some greats of the local community (Scribblefox, Lace, Aphinity, Akonite)
And talking fursuit business with Professor Whovianart, Bella FluffyPuppy, and Essh.

Many extra thanks to the Professor for providing my transportation to various places over the two days, plus introducing me to more people than I can remember (sorry!). Apologies if I missed your name here, there were like 200 furries at this thing and my mind was all over the place.

Some highlights:
Drawing for Nath, Bella, Sniffum, and Choco; being accosted by a friendly Anon in the hallway!! "You're an artist, right?" - sorry buddy, I still don't recall your name - fursuit dancing in an AWESOME light/fog show; not getting trampled in the Fursuit Games, hunting down room parties until 4 am (including the time change!) and paying for it later, conking out in the Professor's van... then going to see Errol's very nifty workshop!

I will be at VancouFur 2014, as well as VCON (already confirmed, yeaahhh!) and I'll continue to scope out further events on the BC Furries board. See you around!


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